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Bonnie Stetson – D4K Secretary & Volunteer Coordinator

Bonnie Stetson attended the D4K Day in the City organized by Margaret Freeman at the Metropolitan Museum in 2009 and then volunteered to scribe at the Youth Festival that summer. After expressing interest in joining the Committee if they needed help, here she is! Bonnie wears many hats at D4K. As Committee Secretary, she takes minutes at meetings and distributes them to Committee Members. As Volunteer Coordinator, she finds the adult volunteers and matches them to appropriate jobs, which is why YDF works. Sorrel Stetson and Bonnie coordinate to set up the Competitor Volunteer Jobs, coordinate the volunteer booth and many other aspects of YDF during the show. Bonnie also helps Weekend Equestrian Program Committee Members plan the Speaker program and helps with the details that make the Weekend Equestrian Program work. As a speaker at the Weekend Equestrian Program, Bonnie addresses various horse care topics. Her reason for doing so much is simple. “What I do and what everyone on the Committee does makes a difference. The kids are appreciative of the opportunities we make possible and it is rewarding to see so many of them progress and become true horsemen with passion. I love working with the people on the Committee. It feels like a big family working toward a worthwhile common goal and I enjoy being a part of it.”
Bonnie started driving (horses) when she was 7 and riding at 9. She joined Pony Club when she was 12 and has ridden Western, Hunt Seat, Eventing and now pursues primarily Dressage. As Bonnie came up through the ranks of Pony Club, she looked up to Lendon and saw her as a role model. She has great respect for Lendon and her vision. “In Pony Club many volunteers gave their time and expertise to help me learn as much as I could about care of horses and riding. Being involved in D4K is my way of paying it forward to help other kids learn and grow through the bottomless sport of Dressage and the world of horses.” In addition to her work with D4K, Bonnie rides, trains and teaches at Spring Mountain Stables, is an Equine Massage Therapist, has completed Part 1 of the USDF L Program and is working on Part II, is VP of the White Horse Community Center and works with Therapeutic and Typical students. The advice that Bonnie wants to pass along? “I was taught at a very young age that a problem is never the horse’s fault. When something goes wrong, we must look to correct ourselves in order to help the horse give his best.”